Rules and regulations

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1.1 – The Rules and Regulations of La Vedetta Holiday Park have been set out to ensure orderly, safe and beneficial use of the structure for everyone. Staying at the Holiday Park implies that these Rules and Regulations are accepted in full. Failure to comply with the Rules and Regulations and any other terms and conditions laid down by the Management will result in the offender being evicted from the holiday park and notification to all the national and international tourist organizations unless the Public Authorities have been informed in which case failure to comply with the Rules and Regulations may be considered a crime or offence.

1.2 - All information on the signs and notices affixed in the Holiday Park shall also be complied with.


2.1 – On arrival, all guests must hand in their documents to reception and compile the form for the Police. The location shall be chosen and designated by Management.

2.2 - A pitch may accommodate one caravan or camper van or one tent with a maximum of four people. Management, at its sole discretion, may not accept extra guests. Management may, at its own discretion, allow more than one small tent on any single pitch.

2.3. - In accordance with the laws of the Italian Republic in force, Management reserves the right to evict without prior notice anyone who does not comply with the Rules and Regulations or behaves in a way that causes damage or creates a disturbance.

2.4 - Torre San Martino s.r.l. reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to refuse to make its services available to anyone who on a previous stay has violated the rules and regulations that govern accommodation in the holiday park or anyone who has violated any of the rules and regulations in any hotel, campsite or holiday village.

2.5. - Bungalows cannot be booked for periods of less than 6 nights during the high season.

2.6. - The booking of pitches for tents or caravans is subject to the payment of a sum equal to 20% of the total sum when the booking is confirmed.

2.7. - Accommodation in bungalows begins on Friday, Saturday or Sunday.


3.1 - Unauthorized persons are not allowed to enter the holiday park. Visitors and guests may only enter once they have handed in their ID cards and paid a daily fee. Once this has been paid, the visitor or guest will receive a temporary pass that must be kept and shown to staff if requested. All guests must always carry a pass to be shown at all entry points when requested by staff. The presence of people in the Holiday Park who are not authorized by Management will be considered:

- a breach of Public Order;

- a breach of article 614 of the Criminal Code (breaking and entering);

- a breach of articles 633 - 637 of the Criminal Code (trespassing on private land and in buildings);

- a breach of article 624 of the Criminal Code (fraudulent use of goods and services);

- a breach of contract.


4.1 - A special sticker issued by reception must be affixed to the windscreen of all vehicles. Any vehicles without a sticker are not allowed to enter La Vedetta Holiday Park. All vehicles without a sticker will be asked to leave the camping areas with a written reprimand and verbal warning. If unheeded, Management reserves the right to remove the vehicle and move it onto public ground and charge the amount to the owner of the vehicle. Management also reserves the right to report the owner of the vehicle parked in an unauthorized manner in accordance with:

- a breach of article 614 of the Criminal Code (breaking and entering);

- a breach of articles 633 - 637 of the Criminal Code (trespassing on private land and in buildings);

- a breach of article 624 of the Criminal Code (fraudulent use of goods and services);

- a breach of contract.

Cars must be parked in the designated parking areas. A 15km/h speed limit is in force in the Holiday Park.


5.1 - The water provided in the Holiday Park has been declared drinkable. Use of the water for improper purposes is forbidden. Its use is only allowed for primary uses (cooking, personal hygiene, washing plates and saucepans and clothes). We ask our guests to be careful not to waste water.


6.1 - Dogs must always be kept on a lead and kept outside the designated areas. They must be taken out of the Holiday Park to exercise and special scoops and bags used. Animal owners must present a health certificate. Any damage to third parties by animals are the full responsibility of the owner. All animal owners must pay a one-off payment of EUR 25.00. All dog owners must use disposal scoops.


7.1 Chemical toilets must not be emptied in the bathrooms: this may damage the sewage system. The Management asks all campers to report any offenders in their own interests and those of the community in general.


8.1 - Open fires are not permitted. The Management authorizes the use of small barbecues that comply with EU regulations in force but not when windy. Constant supervision of barbecues is also required.


9.1 - For stays that have not been booked, the amount charged for the stay must be paid for on the day of arrival when registration is effected; any extensions must be paid for when availability is confirmed by the Management.

9.2 - The Reception is open at the following times: High and Very High Season 8.00/13.00 -15.30/20,30. Low and Mid Season: 10.00/12,30 -16.00/18,30, unless specified otherwise by the Management.

9.3 – Payment can be made on site by cash, debit card or credit card. When booking, credit cards or bank drafts may be used. 9.4 - Token-operated washing machines are provided and the tokens can be purchased at the Holiday Park Reception.


10.1 - On the day of departure, pitches, bungalows or caravans must be vacated by 10.00. After this time, you will be charged an extra day. Bungalow keys must be handed into Reception to staff who will check the equipment provided (to avoid problems, you are advised to inform us of any breakages, etc.).


11.1 - Booking cancellations may be made by customers at any time in writing by sending a fax to Torre San Martino s.r.l.

11.2 - In the event of a cancellation, Torre San Martino s.r.l. is entitled to retain the amount paid, as follows: a) 50% of the amount paid, if the cancellation is made between the date of booking and the 30th day prior to the first day of the stay; b) 80% of the amount paid if the cancellation is made between the 29th and the 15th day prior to the first day of the stay; c) 100% of the amount paid if the cancellation is made after the last day specified in letter b) above.


12.1 - The telephone numbers of the doctor and nearest casualty department are displayed on the notice board in Reception. All infectious diseases must be reported to Management.


13.1 - You must not cut down and/or damage plants, shrubs or even only branches of the existing vegetation, hammer in nails, pour hot water onto them, pour detergents onto the ground or erect lines for any use whatsoever from one side of the pitch to the other.


14.1 - Rubbish must be put in properly closed rubbish bags placed in the special bins or bin areas located throughout the Holiday Park. Please note that anyone who keeps rubbish in their own pitch or disposes of it in an unauthorized place will be fined EUR 50,00. The placing of rubbish bags and bottles in the bins in the bathrooms and bars is not allowed.

14.2 - Guests are requested to leave the toilets and wash basins clean. Bathrooms will be closed while cleaning is in progress.


15.1 - The Holiday Park Management shall not be held responsible, unless within the limitations and circumstances outlined in the Civil Code and other applicable Italian laws, for the loss of items and/or valuables belonging to guests, damage caused by falling trees or branches, gales, accidents at sea, damage to cars or theft in the car park and similar.


16.1 No noise is allowed between 13.00/16.00 and 23.00/07.00 that may disturb guests including speaking with a loud voice. Excessive noise from radios and televisions is not allowed and during the hours of silence, earphones must be used. Electric and/or electronic instruments must not be played in pitches. Access to the Holiday Park is not allowed before 08.00.

16.2 - In accordance with the laws of the Italian Republic in force, Management reserves the right to evict without prior notice anyone who does not comply with the Rules and Regulations or behaves in a way that causes damage or creates a disturbance.

16.3 – The Staff appointed by the Management is responsible for ensuring that the Rules and Regulations are observed by everyone. When guests accept accommodation in the Holiday Park, they also accept the authority of said staff who are in turn obliged to respect the laws of the Italian Republic and the principles widely accepted by our sense of courtesy and politeness.

16.4 – Entertainment must not continue beyond 00.30 and, in exceptional circumstances, not beyond 02.00.


17.1 - Prices are charged on a daily basis irrespective of the time of entry. The occupant of the pitch who is expecting guests must notify Reception. If a guest stays for longer than two hours, the amount requested by Management and displayed at Reception must be paid. If the occupant of the pitch is absent for a few days, the daily amount paid for the days when absent will not be reduced in any way.


18.1 – Electricity is supplied for lighting and fridges only. Any temporary tripping of power sockets will be resolved during staff working hours.

18.2 – Anyone who opens the fronts or tampers with or modifies the distribution columns will be immediately expelled from the Holiday Park.

18.3 – For reasons of safety, guests must not erect fences or screens, permanent or temporary, of any kind or erect clothes lines in the pitch.

18.4 – Pursuant to law, burying discharge, sink and wash basin pipes of caravans underground is not allowed.

18.5 – The Reception telephone must not be used to receive calls.


19.1 - The four-month stay lump sum contract for new customers is subject to written acceptance by Torre San Martino s.r.l who assesses the new customer and the means of accommodation that occupancy of the pitch is authorized for (mobile home, camper van, caravan or trailer tent), the name and the number of people who want to stay. Customers shall sign these rules and regulations to indicate they have accepted them and pay the first four-month payment in advance. The contract is personal and may not be transferred; each person must indicate the people who will be using the pitch up to a maximum of 4 people. Any other person not mentioned in the customer’s communication will be considered a guest and required to pay the daily fee. If a small tent is pitched on the assigned site, it will be subject to an extra fee.

19.2 - RENEWAL The four-month stay lump sum contract for permanent customers referred to in the previous section has a duration of four months and may be renewed at the discretion of Torre San Martino s.r.l. Management shall inform customers of any changes in price by November of that year and customers shall inform Management of their intention to renew the contract with advance payment of the four-month period. Issue of a receipt for payment by Torre San Martino s.r.l. constitutes acceptance of the contract whereas no advance payment of the four-month period constitutes a cancellation by customers who are obliged to quickly remove their means of accommodation within the four months of validity of the contract. Any change in the means of accommodation, modification hereof or any other difference from the first agreement is subject to written approval from Torre San Martino s.r.l.

19.3. - Torre San Martino s.r.l. shall not assume any liability – either directly or through insurance companies - for theft or damage by third parties or natural disasters of customers’ means of accommodation or the property stored within. Customers who park their own means of accommodation are therefore advised to insure them against unforeseen events and not leave valuables in them.