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MORE you stay, LESS you PAY

The longer you stay at “Parco Vacanze, La Vedetta” the less you pay!


With our new promotion, with each additional night you save a percentage of the cost

  • Cost of 1 night: 100%
  • Cost of 2 nights: 95%
  • Cost of 3 nights: 90%
  • Cost of 4 nights: 85%
  • Cost of 5 nights: 80%
  • Cost of 6 nights: 75%
  • Cost of 7 nights: 70%
  • Cost over 7 night: 70%

If interested in staying longer than 1 week, please contact us for special offers Are you curious about the promotion?


Click here, contact Parco Vacanze La Vedetta and learn how to book your holiday!