Holiday Formulas

There are two solutions that allow you to stay at Parco Vacanze for short, medium and long term stays starting from seasonal, annual or in fact several years.

Depending on the length of stay, it is convenient to choose the formula TOURIST VILLAGE, or the STANZIALE (Permanent) formula


Short or medium period stay::

Our “TOURIST VILLAGE” option allows you total freedom by renting accommodation belonging to “Parco Vacanze La Vedetta” be it for a seasonal period (3 or 4 months) or for the entire year. From this year, with this formula, it is also possible to rent a newly-built bungalow; for this option the minimum rent is one year. Click here.


Long term stay::

Our formula “STANZIALE”, lowers the annual cost of a stay compared to an investment in the construction of your own bungalow. This option is more suitable for those who wish to stay over several years and gives the opportunity to customize the bungalow. As a guarantee of your expenditure, we offer a repurchase option which recovers most of the investment after a few years.

Those who want more clarification on our long-term stays can contact our sales office by e-mail.